The PSO encourages all Chandler Prep parents and guardians to participate and volunteer their time to help support the school. To sign up to help with different PSO programs (or to learn more about them), please fill out this Volunteer Interest Form. We will send you more information about the programs/services that best fit your interests and talents.

How can I support Chandler Prep and the PSO?

Get involved!

We support the school in a wide range of items, so no matter what your talent or schedule, your help will make a difference!

  • Whether on a regular basis or one time
  • Whether from home or at school
  • Days, evenings, or weekends

How can I find out where to help?

  • Reach out to our Leadership Team with your ideas and availability.

Martha Strong, President:

Elaine Rand, Vice President:

  • Keep an eye out for any volunteer requests in the weekly newsletter.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

Volunteers help our school run!

Volunteer Interest Form